Jessica Deen

Principal Engineer


I’m a motivated and creative engineer with over 15 years of experience. I’m highly adapatable, I work well independently, as part of a team, and I am as comfortable working in tandem with others as I am leading them. I enjoy new challenges, but also have great patience attending to details necessary to delivery outstanding value.

Work Experience

Principal Developer Advocate

AWS | 2022 - Present

Focusing on Native Containers

  • Elastic Container Service (ECS)

Principal Content Engineer

Microsoft | 2021 - 2022

Define strategy, assist in team growth, focus on community engagement, empower and enable engineers in containers, distributed technologies, and DevOps.

  • DevOps (Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps)
  • Infrastrucutre as Code (IaC) (I.E. Azure Bicep)
  • Containers, Distributed Systems (Kubernetes), and Open Source Projects
  • Dynamic Content Creator

Senior Content Engineer

Microsoft | 2018-2021

Championed Azure products through demos and code samples focusing on integrating DevOps best practices to existing processes. Provided technical feedback and guidance to engineering teams focused on DevOps and containers.

  • Exceptional Public Speaker
  • Strong understanding of containers, Kubernetes, and DevOps

Content Engineer II

Microsoft | 2017-2018

Cultivated a deeply technical relationship with broad communities on a 1 to many level through the use of public speaking, code contributions, and bi directional communication between community and product groups.

Technical Evangelist

Microsoft | 2016-2017

Produced high quality technical artifacts (videos, blog posts, code, open source projects, documentation), which are then leveraged by the community.

Systems Integration Engineer

SPK and Associates, LLC. | 2014 - 2016

Performed the duties of a systems administrator for Windows and Linux applications. Created, complied, and test scripts and executables for automation of R&D applciations such as SolidWorks, Enterprise PDM, Enovia, National Instruments LabView, and PTC Creo.

Social Media Engagement Manager

Corporate Online Services | 2011-2014

Advocated on behalf of operations engineers through the use of social media resources such as Twitter, third party forums and listening tools. Consistently community recongized ‘Best’ for most consistently valuable responses and support.

Jessica Deen Consulting

Sole Proprietor | 2004 - Present

Small boutique technology consulting catering to small to medium size businesses.


Contributed to Microsoft's Tailwind Traders sample applications, which features 11 different microservices. Added support for Bridge to Kubernetes, an iterative development tool used for authoring microservice applications specifically designed for Kubernetes.

Bridge to Kubernetes extends the Kubernetes perimeter to your development computer allowing you to write, test, and debug microservice code while connected to your Kubernetes cluster with the rest of your application or services.

Side project for personal blog. Built using Hugo, running on Azure Static Web Apps, and deployed via GitHub Actions.

Cross platform lightweight LCI tool to simply and easily control your Elgato Keylight via local IP address. (More reliable than the Elgato Control Center Software)